Policy Trackers

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The LobbyMap platform currently contains over 25,000 evidence items of corporate and industry association policy engagement in Europe, including over 5,000 evidence items of direct engagement with specific EU Green Deal policies.

To make this data more accessible, this platform houses a series of Policy Trackers to aggregate and summarize lobbying trends for critical EU-level climate policy in real time. The Trackers can also be used to investigate the likely impact this lobbying has and explore the most engaged companies and industry associations.

Explore the Policy Trackers from the drop-down options below:

Climate Ambition:

2050 Climate Law, 2030 Climate Target.

Fit for 55 Package:

Updates to key EU climate policies (EU ETS, RED, EED, ESR, etc) to bring them in line with Europe’s climate ambition.

Circular Economy:

Policies under the EU's Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) to reduce pressure on natural resources and promote circular economy processes, including the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation.

The histograms below show the number of engagements InfluenceMap has tracked on each policy since 2020 and whether they are supportive or oppositional.